To all who auditioned, the production team extends a heart-felt "thank you!" To those who were not cast, there are plenty of behind-the-scenes positions still available. If you are interested, contact . Our first read-thru will take place Tuesday (3/8) at 3:30 PM in room 238 (Mr. Gritzmacher's room). Scripts will only be issued to those who bring the $30 dollar activity fee (check payable to ISD 2154).

Cast List
Revised 4/29/2005

Elisha J. Whitney/Chorus Joe Ramsey
Steward / Chorus Andrew Malorvh
Reporter (Charlie) / Sailor Dan Skaarup
Cameraman/ Chorus Sara Hoffman
Sir Evelyn Oakleigh* Adam Airis
Mrs. Wadsworth T Harcourt* Rachel Phillips
Hope Harcourt* Megan McKenna
Bishop (Henry T. Dobson)/ Sailor Karl Carter
Reno Sweeny* Katie Reed
Billy Crocker* Jesse Johnston
Moonface Martin* Cody Ryder
First Chinese (Ching)/Chorus Laura Oberstar
Second Chinese (Ling)/Chorus Rachel Kelson
Purser / Chorus Noah Gettle
Bonnie* Whitney Heinrich
Captain / Chorus
Casey Jarvela
Chastity (Angel) Kasey Sherek
Purity (Angel) Amber Johnson
Virtue (Angel) Jen Skofich
Charity (Angel) Anni Schuelt
Girl 1 / Chorus Alyssa Noll
Girl 2 / Chorus Andrea Konecny
Girl 3 / Chorus Katelyn Baumann
* Denotes Principal Singer
Sailors Mark Grotberg, Justin Lofquist, Brett Branville
Several Girls / Chorus Sam White, Rochelle Weidner, Kayleigh Littler,


Jack Gritzmacher
John Renzaglia
Music Director
Casey Lankow
Technical Director
Jeremy Liimatta
Piano Accompanist
Mary Angela Strasser
Sue Kelly
Costume Design
Donna Kari
Assistant to the Director
Melissa Perpich
Scenic Artist
Alyssa Harvey
Stage Manager
Charles Gornik

Assistant Stage Manager &
Costume Assistant
Alyssa Harvey
Sound & Light Design
Jeremy Liimatta
Lighting Technician
Seth Gagnon
Set Design
Jeremy Liimatta
Poster Design and Program Cover
Jeremy Liimatta
House Manager
Nicole Jussila
Program Design
Walter Strasser
Wardrobe Assistants
Sara Hoffman
Allysa Harvey
Beth Knutson
Lauren McAllister
Amber Johnson
Kasey Sherek
Jen Skofich


Seth Gagnon

Follow Spot
Tanner Gritzmacher
Joe Koepke
Running Crew
Melissa Perpich
Pat Gagnon

Set Construction &
Charles Gornik
Beth Knutson
Laura Oberstar
Sarah Horn
Karl Carter
Dana Chandler

Alyssa Harvey
Jesse Johnston
Cody Ryder
Kal Koski
Joe Koepke
Abby Holkko
Properties Manager
Sarah Horn

Bobbikate Bardwell
Holly Berry
Christine Johnson

Box Office Personnel
Ashley Hammer
Tim Paige
Abby Holkko


Chet Johnson
Debbie Johnson
Kathy Wigert
Gale Anderson
Holly Marie Weir
Drums (Trap Set)
Ben Nelson
Debra Gunderson
Shela Wilcox
Sheena Nelson
Mary Angela Strasser