Androcles A slave Jayden Rolstone-Kobal
Pantalone An old miser Laura Pershern
Isabella    young lover
Chelsea Filipovich
Lelio young lover
Andrew Eilola
Captain The Braggart
Eric Gunderson
Lion & Prologue  
Marcie Killian
Zanni Extras set the stage and play instruments 1. Jacque Clinton

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Androcles and the Lion is a farcical tale adapted from an Aesop’s fable by American children’s playwright, Aurand Harris in 1963. The story recounts the animated adventure of the hero/servant, Androcles, performing a good deed and having it returned. Set in Renaissance Italy and based on Commedia dell’arte (Theatre of Actors) for both the story and performance style, Androcles and the Lion is a joy to watch for any age. The lazzi (slapstick) style humour will bring giggles to the lips and the fun nature of Harris’s play is a perfect way to introduce children to the world of theatre.

The play brings many issues to the forefront of our minds, and even has some very relevant links to some of the issues that our country and the world face today. Will the Lion ever be freed from his slavery, and will his attempt to help his friend Isabella escape from the evil watch of Pantalone work out for them both? On the way to answering these questions, many of the themes become evident to the audience and help them to understand the concept of friendship, trust and freedom.


Jack Gritzmacher
Technical Director
Jeremy Liimatta

1.  Jon Kwiatkowski
2. Ben Frey
3.Blake Seigel