This rollicking adaptation of Moliere's classic comedy sharply satirizes blind hypocrisy, religious piety, and deceit. Everyone in the Orgon family sees through the scoundrel Tartuffe's machinations and his attempts to dupe his gracious hosts of their wealth and woo their daughter. But is it too late to save the family from eviction and to keep the innocent from scandal and prison?


              The play is set in the home of Orgon, a wealthy, well respected gentleman who has enjoyed both financial and political success. His two children hope to marry soon but are living at the family home at present. Their mother is dead and Orgon has remarried the young and beautiful Elmire.
              Engulfed by the insecurity of middle-age, Orgon has become increasingly religious. Whilst in Church he has been befriended by an apparently sanctimonious and impoverished man named Tartuffe. Orgon is full of respect for Tartuffe’s pious ways. He has fulfilled his social, religious and personal duty by inviting Tartuffe to stay with his family.
              Tartuffe appears intent on ensuring Orgon’s path to heaven is unobstructed. While Orgon devotes attention to celestial matters his wealth and his beautiful young wife will, of course, require protection. Tartuffe is most magnanimous and volunteers to ensure that neither fall into the wrong hands. Despite vociferous and desperate protests from his family, Orgon fails to see through the ruse until he has signed his worldly possessions into Tartuffe’s custody for safe-keeping.
              Eventually, Tartuffe is unmasked for the scoundrel he is, and all are the wiser for their encounter.

   To all who auditioned, the production team extends a heart-felt "thank you!" To those who were not cast, there are plenty of behind-the-scenes positions still available. If you are interested, contact Mr. G or Mr L. Our first read-thru will take place Monday (3/3) at 3:30 PM in room 238 (Mr. Gritzmacher's room). Scripts will only be issued to those who bring the $50 activity fee (check payable to ISD 2154).

Dramatis Personae

Orgon, head of the house and husband of Elmire Adam Hanson
Elmire, wife of Orgon Rochelle Wiedner
Damis, son of Orgon Wes Stubbs
Mariane, daughter of Orgon Essa Novak
Valère, fiancé of Mariane Andrew Eilola
Cléante, brother-in-law of Orgon Karl Carter
Tartuffe, a scoundrel Eric Gunderson
Madame Pernelle, mother of Orgon Marcie Killian
Dorine, servant of Mariane Laura Pershern
Monsieur Loyal, bailiff
Justin Ziebarth
Police Officer
Adam Currie
Flipote, servant of Madame Pernelle Emma Carter

Setting: Paris, 1760s, in Orgon’s House.


Jack Gritzmacher

Assistant Director
Jeremy Liimatta

Costume Design
Donna Kari

Sound & Light Design
Jeremy Liimatta
Set Design
Arthur Deco

Set Construction
Emma Carter
Carl Carter
Andrew Eilola
Jon Kwiatkowski

& Painters
Eric Gunderson
Ben Frey
Box Office Personnel
Jackie Rodriguez
Blake Siegal

Poster And Program Design
Jeremy Liimatta

Running Crew
Ben Frey

Light Board
Jon Kwiatkowski