Nooses Off!

To all who auditioned, the production team extends a heart-felt "thank you!"
Upon final casting scripts will only be issued to those who bring the activity fee $75 (check payable to ISD 2154).

Cast List

The Technical Staff
Danika Dertinger Lila , the director, up tight
Adrianne Thompson Sammy, The stage manager, superstitious
Jake Bradach OBO, the Playwright
Hayley Ward Estrella, costume designer, foreign
Natalie Petron Millie, the props person
Ailie McCarthy Crew*
Daisy Borden Crew*
  * No activity Fee
The Actors
Shaina Garman Brenda, a little stressed out, plays Virginia Watermoose
Quinn Muhich Marvin, First show, Playing Wimple Von Haberstam
Jacee Zasadni Jackie, playing Catherine, the maid
Cameron Peterson Tristan, playing Opie McGraw, the cowboy
Mia MacInnis Taylor, addicted to her phone, plays Veronica Steele
Dylan Celley
Arnold, not a good actor, playing Vito Malatucci, having an affair with Alana
Brennan Muhich Steve, playing Miles Bradley, a Politician
Roni Lessard Kaylie, Playing Alana Morgenstern, a wealthy widow
Sophie Statsman Masha, playing Sheriff Toombs
Kirsten Rothenberger Eleanor, a bit of a snob, playing Barbie Hayden



Jeremy Liimatta
Assistant Director
Chris Chad

Special Projects
Amber Johnson

Brody Buatala
The Cast

Carpenter and Publicity
Tucker Nelson

Stage Manager
Hannah Grenewich

Isaiah Erickson
Anna Gerlach

Sophie Statsman
Make up
Kiri Yourczek