Wizard of Oz

To all who auditioned, the production team extends a heart-felt "thank you!"
Upon final casting scripts will only be issued to those who bring the activity fee
$75 (Grades 9-12)
$35 (grades 5-8)
(check payable to ISD 2154).

Cast List

Anika Unger Aunt Em, Visiting Witch #2, Ensemble
Mason Isaacson Farmhand, The Cowardly Lion
Christian Moore Uncle Henry, Tibia, Ensemble
Briona Currie Dorothy
Anthony Dusek A Munchkin Farmer, General, Ensemble
Andrew Rask Mayor of the Munchkins, Foremost General, Ensemble
Marjorie Thompson The Good Witch, Sorceress of the North
Jamie Maki The Wicked Witch of the West
Christian Van Orsdel The Scarecrow
Quinn Muhich The Tin Woodman, Farmhand
Shaina Garman Oz Lady, Farmhand, Visiting Witch #1, Ensemble
Nate Perkio Lord Growlie
Liz Porkkonen Farmhand, Gloria, Ensemble
Brennon Addy The Wizard of Oz
Jaycee Zasadni Framhand, Jitterbug, Ghost, Ensemble
Samantha King Framhand, Jitterbug, Ghost, Oz Girl, Ensemble
Shane Johnson Farmhand, Servent, Ozmas
Avrielle Schneider Framhand, Jitterbug, Ghost, Oz Girl, Ensemble
Morgan Schuchard Munchkin, General, Jitterbug, Ghost, Oz Girl, Ensemble
Justin Winkler Munchkin, General, Ensemble
Veronica Lessard Munchkin, General, Ensemble
Grayce Luzovich Munchkin, General, Ensemble
Joseph Dusek Munchkin, Private, Ensemble
Max Gritzmacher Munchkin, General, Ensemble
Lilly Luzovich Munchkin, General, Little Witch, Ensemble
Brennan Muhich Munchkin, General, Ensemble
McCayla Winkler Munchkin, General, Ensemble
Abby Maxine Lundstrom Munchkin, Jitterbug, General, Ghost
Alexus Hasty Munchkin, General, Ensemble
Natalie Petron Munchkin, General, Ensemble



Jack Gritzmacher

Technical Director
Jeremy Liimatta

Music Direction
Tara Grubbe

Pit Conductor
Kevin Szumal

Mary Creighton
Amber Johnson

Stage Manager
Linda Currie

Emma Heikkila
Infinity Stewart
Anne Olafson
Kristen Maki
Wynter Hewitt
Caleb Klander
Mia Moore
Kara Nyhus
Dee Clinton
Zach Dusek
Light Operator
Reid Millen