Drama Letter


Criteria for Lettering:

·                    An EARNED point system is the basis for lettering.
·                    Thirty points (30) are needed to qualify for a letter.
·                    Only one letter can be earned in a given year.
·                    Points earned will carry over for two years.
·                   Letter will be forfeited in the event of a MSHSL violation.
·                   A Letter recipient must be in “good standing” with the group.


How to Accumulate Points:

·                    Automatic letter earned for performing at the state festival.
·                    Ten points for performing a “lead/principal” role.
·                    Five points for performing a secondary role.
·                    One point earned for every two-hour tech session with a maximum 10-point limit per show.
·                    Five points per show for working on a running crew.
·                    Two points for attending a drama field trip.
·                    Five points for attending workshops/conferences.
·                    Actors must earn tech points in order to letter.
·                    Technical volunteers do not need points for “acting” in order to letter.